Sunday, March 26, 2017

Science and humor:
Creative Science for young associative 
researchers with a strong imagination 

A comic strip in ca. 120 pictures

Nico van Rooijen

To appear as:


77. You will discover that scientific research - if carefully performed - is a very slow process.  Scientific significance is the only important parameter, provided that there will be a result at any moment.

78 A and B. You might meet numerous unexpected obstacles on the way to your end.

79. Do not use materials only because they are the trend of the moment, but choose the simplest method that allows you to attain your end. The above vehicle e.g. may look impressive, but it combines all disadvantages of a motorcycle with that of a car.

80. Keep in mind that there may appear robbers if you will get interesting results.>>    

81. They might repeat and publish your results before you did even write a manuscript. As a consequence, your project will end in disappointment.

   82. The robbers will not only be as bold as the fox in the previous picture, but they may try to get your results without becoming visible at all.

83. Don’t be afraid for the Goliath’s in science. Check whether their reputation is based on objective criteria, or simply on their own vision.>>


84 A & B. At a first glance, your opponents may seem to be deterrent, but remember, after a few years you are the most specialized expert in your specific research area. From that time on, your opponents will be mainly afraid to put the wrong questions and you will be mainly afraid that their questions are completely incomprehensible for you, because they are neither here nor there.>>

85. On the other hand, do not blame young and starting scientists for errors, since it is up to you to teach them and their errors could be the result of your shortcomings. >>

86. Be especially suspicious if the same teachers are nice to pretty women only, as Neptunus (God of the seas) seems to be here. Ask him to take a bath before the next meeting.  
87. Before you notice it, the young ones will surpass your understanding.

88. At the end, only one can be the boss. It is not difficult to find the boss. He operates on another level (but is asleep at the moment). Be aware that in many cases the boss has no idea about the details of your research. He might become excited after reading a newspaper report about your research, because he might understand a popular version only.

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