Thursday, March 30, 2017

Science and humor:
Creative Science for young associative 
researchers with a strong imagination 

A comic strip in ca. 120 pictures

Nico van Rooijen

To appear as:


106. The progress in science might be represented by a branching tree. As Newton said, we all stand on the shoulders of our predecessors. Compared to his time, nowadays large numbers of scientists are involved in each of the natural sciences. Moreover, they meet each other frequently during congresses and symposia and will publish their results rapidly in scientific journals and/or books. Lately, publication of results was accelerated further by internet and email. Results obtained in one part of the world can now reach other scientists in the rest of the world within seconds.

107 A. Progress of science is still mainly  in a divergent phase. The discovery of a new type of cell e.g, may branch off in several new research lines. Some cell biologists will study their appearance in various tissues or in different animals, whereas others will focus on their function.

107 B. At a first glance, you might get an "aha-erlebnis" (sudden insight) and think: Ok this is clearly the influence of "Freud". Let me open your eyes: This is not simply an attempt to change the picture of a branching young tree in a young woman, by changing the tree upside down. It is n attempt to show you that science is no longer only diverging. Already some of the old Greek scientists, living in a time that we - the barbarians in the North - were spending our time with killing each other with our bludgeons, introduced the term "atom" and suggested that all material, including men, could be divided in these smallest units. Recently Einstein also converted science again by showing that mass and energy are actually two sides of the same medal. Stephen Hawking,  in his novel "A short history of time" suggested that scientists are now looking for one theory explaining everything, including universe and life on earth, an ultimate form of converging science.

108. So, in order to contribute to science, a new phase starts. Where to publish your results? Science or Nature? Or any of the many other scientific journals publishing the results achieved in natural sciences?>>    

109. However before a manuscript can be submitted, it must be written. You will remember that we did choose a cat as your coach, because he is an expert in knowledge about mice. That is the reason that he can catch a mouse before you did even observe the animal. Your coach will read your writings carefully. >>

110. Your coach may have some troubles in turning the pages, but you can help. Realise that the collaboration between you and your coach will be useful for both of you. Both will learn a lot of it.  >>

111. You will find out that the presence of your coach is not always a good idea!>>

112. Sometimes, he may even form a real obstacle and block your progress completely, because he wants to sleep in a warm environment. >>

113 A & B. There are many other ways for your coach to show his dissatisfaction with your collaboration. Don’t forget that both you and your coach have to be self-willed in order to get a positive result.

114. So the best option is to remain on good terms with your coach, even if you consider him sometimes a bore.

115 A&B. Otherwise, your coach might loose interest to follow your progress and will try to hide himself. He may tell you that he has a lot of obligations such as meetings, lectures or managerial tasks, but you will know what is what. In that case you have to trust on yourself only. Hopefully, the balance has been changed in such a way that it is the best option from now on.

116. Of course, your writing should be clearly legible.>>

117. Try to avoid useless information. Especially if it is too much at once.>>

118. Also all information should be presented in a well-organized clear way.

119 A&B. Your figures should be clear too. E.g. it should be clear whether the sunset takes place before or after the tree and the full moon should not be transformed to a crescent by clouds.