Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Science and Humor

Science and humor:
Creative Science for young associative 
researchers with a strong imagination 

A comic strip in 114 pictures

Nico van Rooijen

To appear as:



25. Approach your question from all sides. Not only in the way it is done usually.

26. Don’t forget the details.>>

27. You will become the expert, seeing details not seen by anyone else. Here e.g., I cannot see what he is seeing, but as you can see, I do see what he cannot see.

28. Mark everything in order to be able to follow it by appropriate techniques, such as autoradiography (radioisotopes), Immunofluorescence or immune-enzyme techniques and to exclude confusion.>>

29. As a result, confusion will be less time-consuming. You can follow marked cells, molecules or particles that you did inject, in tissues and organs by an appropriate approach under your microscope.

30. One possible approach to study whether defined molecules or cells have a role in a phenomenon you are studying, is to investigate the possible influence of their depletion “In situ”. Specific depletion should be achieved by unique qualities of molecules or cells, such as their morphology or function. E.g. a phagocytic cell (macrophage) can be depleted by its gluttony of non-self particles.

31. Compare your observations carefully. Note similarities and differences.>>

32. Although at a first glance, differences might seem to prevail, careful observation might reveal interesting similarities.>>

33. In other cases similarities seem to prevail and differences are more interesting.    

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