Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Science and humor:
Creative Science for young associative 
researchers with a strong imagination 

A comic strip in 114 pictures

Nico van Rooijen

To appear as: http://nicovanrooijen.blogspot.nl


Recording and storage of information

55. Record all your observations carefully    

 56. Use up-to date equipment only, in spite of the attractiveness of old equipment >>.

57. << In order to get the most perfect color reproductions.

58. But avoid to introduce colors that do not add anything to the information in question.

59. If your reproductions seem to be more attractive than the originals >>.

60. << Discard these, irrespective of their attraction at a first glance. Start again and realize, after rain comes sunshine.

61.  If there is disorder in your ideas and/or reports, >>

62. Take care that order returns again.

63. A & B. Repeatedly, you may be unable to see the wood for the trees.>> 

64. But after a lot of painstaking research and thinking, at a moment you will suddenly see a first glance of the construction you are building, as well as its significance.   

65. Don’t be afraid that your colleagues will not immediately see the logic of your concept, since they are not the specialists and may only see chaos. But you know how to look at it.

66. In the meantime you will get everything under control. 

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