Friday, March 10, 2017

Science and Humor

Science and humor:
Creative Science for young associative 
researchers with a strong imagination 

A comic strip in 114 pictures

Nico van Rooijen

To appear as:

10. First of all, for biomedical research, you have to choose the right laboratory animal.
The mouse has nearly all organs, tissues, cells and molecules in common with men. In spite of marginal structural differences, its weight is only ca. 20 grams compared to at least 60.000 grams for men with a normal weight (which is -  by the way - an exception today). Moreover, we use mice during their second life in our computer operating systems. So, we know them, though not as good as e.g. the cat.>>

11. Another possibility is the rat. However, its weight is ca. 200 grams. So, its food and injections with expensive bioactive materials will take ten times more money than you will need for research in mice (on an average). Moreover, it is more painful if they bite you.>>

12. So, before you are aware of it, if using rats, you will spend more time in order to find the required money than by thinking about your research. Moreover, you need a watchdog to protect your dollars, since other investigators may be interested more in spending your money than in thinking about their own research.>>

13. You will also need a coach. Usually an expert in your research area. As you will know, the cat has nine lives. Unfortunately, he spends eight of these asleep. But his main interest in the short moments he is awake, is the mouse. He likes mice, and not only for their taste.>>

14. Moreover, contrary to the dog, interested to please his boss only, the cat is the ideal scientist, because he has a curious nature and will not be influenced by you personally, in spite of what this picture might suggest.>>

15. He will also help you to understand your literature, provided that he can do that in a way acceptable for himself. In that case, he lies on your computer-mouse, which in turn lies on your mouse-mat. So, the mouse cannot escape and you cannot operate your computer. But let it be clear: The cat does not want to be hindered by you, your mouse or your whatnot.>>

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