Thursday, May 18, 2017

Politics in the Netherlands: How to translate the results of the elections.

Compared to the situation in the rest of the world, elections in the Netherlands resemble a TV-show.
In some of the most influential countries of the world, the USA, Great-Britain and Germany, only few political parties determine the future. They are alternately winning the elections.  As a result, change of power - implicating undoing of many decisions of the previous government - did sometimes induce a repercussion in the economy of the country, since stability is a crucial factor.
In other countries, only one party has been admitted. Given that the name "party" does imply a "contradictio in terminis" in such countries, elections are a joke. Unfortunately, the population is not permitted to laugh at the joke and is actually suffering under a dictatorship of those saying to represent it.
Communist countries were typical examples, but communism has proven to be a plague for the prosperity in a country and communism became nearly extinct on our planet. Comparable to the dinosaurs but happily in a shorter period of time.
China is a good example. The rapid increase in its prosperity, since the country became a typical capitalist country, shows that clever people can speed up the economy of their country if they get the chance to do that. The condition is that people live in relative liberty, even if they stick to the name people's republic as in China. The Chinese are not only clever, but also practical people.
The difference between communist North-Korea and South-Korea as a typical capitalist country, also speaks volumes. The first country as the last communist country on earth, can be considered as a typical inefficacious communist museum with prisoners inside, but no visitors from abroad allowed to look at them. The last country taking advance of freedom and commercial activities all over the world is comparatively prosperous.

In the Netherlands, we have many political parties. From ultra left to ultra right, various parties based on religion and even a party for the animals, though animals were never invited to participate in the elections. Sooner or later we will also see a party for hooligans and criminals.
Also new political parties usually split up after a short time and it is no exception that individual members form a new party but nevertheless remain in the parliament.
This is a typical Dutch hobby, in earlier centuries mainly visible in the many religious schisms, but since God did emigrate out of the Netherlands, mainly practised by politicians.
Nevertheless, many votes end up somewhere in the middle, because Dutchmen are rationally thinking.

However, given that the ballot papers resemble newspapers as a result of the many political parties,
a majority allowing the rapid formation of a government is not always easily to find.
This is still more difficult, since several parties exclude collaboration with other parties.
The only solution might be to form a government by parties in the middle, no longer based on a majority but on a minority. Alternately, the government should seek support in the parliaments on the right or on the left side of the political spectrum, depending on the positions taken by these parties at earlier moments.
Parties changing their earlier position in a specific case, only as an attempt to bring the government down, should be forbidden and discontinued by law. This seems to be the only possibility to rule the Netherlands in the near future.
Nico van Rooijen, Haarlem, May 5, 2017

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